Francis Shaw K7 Mixer

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Manufactured by: Francis Shaw
Year of manufacture: 1966. Rebuilt: 1988
Type: K7 Intermix
Capacity: 300 Liter
Rotors: Two-wing type NR 2
½ with Stellite tips and hard industrial chrome hard surfacing

Unloading door: Modified drop door converted from slide door.
Door in the base

Power Unit: Hydraulic power unit 15HP 206-220V/440V
Chamber Opening: 35.5” x 23.5”
Dust seals: FYH
Bearings: Roller Bearings
Thermocouples: One type J
Hopper: Pneumatic
Cylinder: 16” bore
Loading door: Actuated by air cylinder under the door
Controls: All control valves included.
Gear Box: Adamson United Unidrive (one input/two output)
Serial Number F-900 1 2-66

Rotor Speeds: 44 RPM at high speed 22 RPM at low speed

TCU: None
Operator Panel: None
Motor: Magnetek (National Electric Coil)
Two speed 1,000/500 HP 4,160 Volt
Serial Number JS51P877, Frame CS 3B

Item 110XUS0818
K7 Mixer

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